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Small to minimal designs from the Pacific

The Big Book of Small Tattoos Polynesian cover

for women and men

200+ small Polynesian tattoos

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The underlying idea of the "Big Book of Small Tattoos" project, which is shared throughout the whole work of our artists, is that small tattoos can be highly meaningful and original despite their small size: the significance of a tattoo is not decided by its size, and even the smallest design can carry a great meaning.

This third volume was inspired by our love for Polynesia and its tattoos and cultures.
Each small to minimal design is a statement, embodying an aspect or trait from the Pacific islands, and carrying a memory of palm trees, sun, thriving ocean life and sandy beaches:
  • mantas
  • turtles
  • sharks
  • whales
  • seashells
  • waves
  • fish hooks
  • tropical flowers
  • guardian spirits
  • suns
  • plam trees
  • --
all of them and many more found their way into this book as they immediately come to mind when thinking about Polynesia.


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